Joining as a mentee

The goal of Open Hardware Makers is to support the development of early stage open hardware projects around the world. We want to ensure they are reusable, and they foster a diverse and inclusive global open source hardware community.

OHM is therefore for any person or team starting a hardware project in any part of the world regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or professional background.

You need to be working on a project in the initial stages that either has a link to publicly available documentation or a “one pager” with the project plan including materials and basic mechanisms. You also need to be willing to publish all project details online.

You may want to orient your projects towards educational purposes, turn it into a product, build a big community around it, open an existent closed project. In any case, this program will support you in making your project open for anyone to reuse.

Learning goals

Participants who complete OHM will be able to:

  • Understand what openness means for hardware projects
  • Understand the role of their project in the open hardware community
  • Build a fully-reusable project and make it easier for others to find it
  • Understand & promote cooperation, diversity and inclusion in open hardware

Joining as a mentor or expert

If you have experience with open hardware projects and would like to contribute to our program while learning valuable mentorship skills, consider applying for becoming a mentor or expert. Please visit our website for more information.

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