What is OHM?

Open Hardware Makers (or OHM) is an online mentorship program. Inspired by Mozilla Open Leadership programs, it aims to support new hardware projects in their way of acquiring best practices, building welcoming and inclusive communities and connecting to existing networks.

During the 15-weeks program participants will follow our curriculum and apply the learnings to their own projects, with the aim of presenting a public demo at the end. Through the learning process participants join a weekly call, alternating between 1:1 meetings with their mentor and group calls with their peers. Projects also receive assessment from a round of experts that give them input on specific aspects of their work.

Close to the final weeks, the program runs a global sprint to expose projects to potential collaborators and foster peer-to-peer interaction. Each cohort of OHM closes with a public demo call where participants showcase their projects to the community.

If you are here as a mentee of OHM, make sure you familiarize yourself with the contents of this “module zero” before you move on!

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