Program structure

During the 15 weeks of the program mentees should attend two alternating types of online meetings:

1:1 mentorship meetings

Mentees meet with mentors every second week to review the week’s content and assignments, and for general follow-up on their projects.

Peer-review meetings

All mentees meet online every other week to peer-review the progress of fellow mentees and share their own progress, questions and concerns.

Expert’s assessment

Mid-term along the program, during the week 9 cohort call, mentees go through an expert’s assessment of their projects. The aim of this assessment is to review progress towards project goals while there is still time to modify plans.

Mentees will put what they have learned into practice by attending a global sprint near the end of the program. In this 2-day session they will work on the final details for opening their projects to contributions and will also contribute to their fellow mentees’ projects. Mentees will showcase their projects during the last week in a public call.

Content structure

The training consists of eight sections, each containing a set of modules on a topic related to open hardware. In each module, you’ll learn by reading, watching short videos created by the organizers and community members, and completing hands-on assignments. The assignments build on each other, so this training works best if you do the modules in order.

Completion of the assignments in this series is very important! The work in each assignment represents real, significant work on your project, from project planning to developing good workflows to communicating effectively with contributors. It’s important to do the modules in order, because the assignments build on each other– for example, you’ll want to complete the module on staging your project before you jump into a module about open hardware specifics, as the first one will help you envision and set up the general structure that will facilitate building the specifics on top.

We’ve provided a time estimate of how long it should take to complete each module, including assignments. While you might complete the reading/learning part of this training over the course of a few days, some of the assignments may take much longer to complete (e.g. writing user guides), and can therefore be useful to you as a reference in the future.

General schedule of OHM Cohort 1 (March 2022)

14-20 March Week 0 Onboarding OHM Basics
21-27 March Week 1 Cohort call Welcome to Open Hardware Makers!
28 March-03 April Week 2 Mentor call 1 Staging your project
04-10 April Week 3 Cohort call Peer review
11-17 April Week 4 Mentor call 2 Building open projects
18-24 April Week 5 Cohort call Peer review
25 April-01 May Week 6 Mentor call 3 Open hardware specifics
02-08 May Week 7 Cohort call Peer review
09-15 May Week 8 Mentor call 4 Roadmapping
16-22 May Week 9 Cohort call Expert assessment
23-29 May Week 10 Mentor call 5 Licenses and Standards
30 May-05 June Week 11 Cohort call Peer review
06-12 June Week 12 Mentor call 6 Community and Communication
13-19 June Week 13 Cohort call Peer review
17-19 June Week 13.5 Global Sprint Work on project demo
20-26 June Week 14 Mentor call 7 Debrief & Next Steps
27 June-03 July Week 15 Public call Showcase of projects
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