As part of this module you will learn how to scope your project using our Open Hardware Canvas, which will guide you through the building blocks of an open hardware project. By looking at it, others should get a general idea about your project’s main components (software, electronics, casing, bio materials, etc.), its status and stage, if you have a prototype already, which contributions you need and what you want to achieve.

If you are following along as part of the mentorship program you will meet with your mentor this week! Share your open hardware canvas with them and discuss it at your meeting.

Goal of the week

Draft the scope of your project using the open hardware canvas, identify if you are creating, forking or contributing

In This Section

2.1. Defining your project (20 min)

2.2. Working smart: create, contribute or fork? (20 min)

2.3. Building Blocks overview (20 min)

2.4. First impressions matter (20 min)

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