As much as you’re driven by project creation, goals, and aims, in the end working open is really all about relationships: the working relationships you establish with your contributors, how those contributors come together to grow into a community, and how you as a leader can welcome them, and help them feel valued, engaged, and excited by the project.

In this module you’ll learn how to build two kinds of communities– the large, vibrant, ever changing and growing community of open project contributors, and smaller, closer-knit network of people who support your lead role in the project. We will also go through some relevant concepts when growing communities that may not apply to your project right away, but that are useful for having in your project plans.

Goal of the week

Define the processes that will allow your project community to grow in a way that everyone gets something out from it, while fostering a welcoming and friendly space

In This Section

7.1. Building a community

7.2. Participation and decision making

7.3. Outreach & communications

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