Taking a look at your open journey

What does success look like for your open project?

Although open hardware presents some features that differentiate it from other open movements, the core principles of working open still apply across domains. Mozilla’s Hive Research Lab characterises the core principles and benefits of working open like this:

A table showing core principles and benefits of working open

Looking back to what you built during the program, can you identify these traits? Are you documenting your project or just releasing files in a repository? Are you registering your decision making process for others to better understand how to contribute to your project? Are you intentionally thinking about how others can grow while contributing to your project?

Is there any strategy you can put in place to ensure your project is working in the open?

Assignment: Asking for support

Looking at the table above, do you feel you still need support with some of these concepts? Make a list of the areas you consider you need support with, and contact us. We’ll connect you to someone in our network that can provide some orientation.

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